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Random Shit to do, High or Not

If ur bored and you simply want something to do, here's some things that can waste ur time.

Dry Ice Bomb - this ones popular...go and get a big block of dry ice from a grocery store that sells it. Break up the block into peices that will fit inside a bottle (water bottle, gatorade bottle, any plastic bottle with a top). Fill up the bottle half way with the dry ice peices, then carefully pour warm water in it, to fill up the rest. It will start to smoke insanely. Finally, when ur ready...screw the cap on as quick as you can and throw it,, 30 seconds or less and you will hear a giant explosion...really really loud...BE CAREFUL!! i've had dry ice bombs blow up almost immediatly after i throw them.

Flamethrower - get a bottle of axe, hairspray, or spray paint (anything thats compressed and in a spray can...and flameable) then spray a steady spray and light the spray on fire. make sure the fire is out before you take ur finger off the trigger though, the flame can go inside the can and blow ur fucking hand right off ur arm.

Fireballz - soo much fun, take cotton balls and nail polish remover,, put a little amt of nail polish remover on the cotton ball, but only enough to get it lit, when you light stays almost cold in your can literally throw it back and fourth to someone, or even pick it up off the surprisingly burns for a long time also! Another thing that works wonderfully to do this with is tampons, make sure to use the cotton part only, and nail polish remover. ((this is also amazing on E))

Trampoline - get a bunch of friends and go insane on a trampoline...have a big wrestle war or sumtin :)

Flame Words - use lighter fluid to write something on the concrete then light it on sure to light it fairly early because it dries up kind of fast.

Go Rob A Corner Store - IM JOKING YOU IDIOTS!! that would be stupid! lol

Make Stuff! go in the kitchen and make something...anything! get different liquids and add them together to make the perfect drink. or go into your bathroom and mix your shampoo together...sounds stupid but actually fun if ur bored.

Play With Your Hair - go get gel, or somthing like it...and style ur hair...once again, sounds stupid...but really fun if ur bored, you'll end up spending a half an hour just fuckin w/ ur hair lmao

Do something stupid from a little kid party, like pin the tail on the donkey or bobbing for apples...its alot more fun then you might think.

Alka-Seltzer "bombs" - get an oldschool film canister, and some alka seltzer .. put it in the film canister, and add a little bit of water...put the cap on the flm canister on and shake it up,, turn it upside down on the floor and watch it fly!! ((not loud, and only flys 10 feet or so, if you get the right amt of stuf in it))

Molotov Cocktails - okay this ones dangerous. Most people think you just fill a bottle with glass, stick a rag in it, light the rag and throw it - but yall are deathly wrong. Heres how you really do it. Fill a GLASS bottle half to 2/3's full of gasoline. SEAL OFF THE BOTTLE, this way you dont pour gas all over you while throwing and fumes done leak out, you can use a wine cork or the cap that took of the bottle, just make sure its sealed. Soak a tampon (the cotton part you dumb-fuck) in gas, and hold it to the neck of the bottle. Now wrap a rubber band around the tampon and the bottle, so it stays in place. Make sure you wrap it more then once so that the rubber band doesnt burn off. Wipe the bottle clean so it doesnt light, light the tampon on fire...and throw it. Make sure the bottle brakes. There are also things you can add to the gas to make it do different things, such as tar, soap, liquid washing detergent, or anything thick like that...fill it up half with gas and another quarter or so with the other material. This will make it thicker, so it stays stuck to w/e object you are throwing it at (also stays litlonger). Tar also makes a thick black smoke. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WITH THIS! IT IS EXTREMELY ILLEGAL AND EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! THE COCKTAIL EXPLODES SURPRISINGLY BIG AND MAKES A LARGE FIRE...SO THROW HARD AND NOT NEAR ANYTHING!! I'VE SEEN THESE FIRES SPREAD OUT TO AS MUCH AS 5 FEET ON ALL SIDES!!
((if you get a non-rolling friend to do this,, the sound of the glass breaking echoes through your head, and this big of a fire at night is absolutly amazing..dont try this if you are rolling))

If you have anymore random shit to do, email me it and i'll put it on here... SuPerMaNn2390