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Things To Do, While On EX !!

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Do some of the following things on ex, and you will have one of the best experiences ever.


heres the trippiest song in the world if ur rolling - sit down,stand up by radio head, once you get it stand up and wave ur arms from side to side in the dark, dance loosly...flow like your melting,, its insane.. (it starts slow, then gets really hard)

Take a serrated nife, and run it up and down your palms...lightly or hard

Jump on a trampoline..when you're tired lay down and roll around,, taking off your shirt or getting naked triples this trip!

Drink freezing cold, pulp loaded orange juice...let it slowly fall down your throat.

Rub vicks, vasoline, carmex, ect. right above ur lip...breath slowly...

Cover ur lips with chapstick and rub them together, be careful - if ur trippen really hard ur gonna end up smearing it all over your face cuz it feels so good.

Fall Through The Floor - okay, this requires 2 people. lay on the floor with your arms above you, stomach down. have your friend stand over you at ur waist, and grab ur wrists. have him pull up you up one or two feet, so that your back is arching up. Have your friend hold you there for 30 seconds, and SLOWLY put you back down. About half way down you think ur gonna hit the floor, but you dont! << freaking amazing!

Kittys!! ((be gentle though lol))

Watch a fire in a fireplace, get near it.

Rub lotion all over your hands,, heres another one that can get out of hand...also fun with glue stick glue, just make sure ur straight enough to wash ur hands!

Slowly run your fingers through your hair.

Take a shower, in the dark...sounds weird but absolutley amazing...make it really hot,, (if you did more then one tab then make it cold, because ur body will allready be hot)

Roll around on a tile floor w/out a shirt, or naked.

Eat applesauce. Eat grapefruit. Eat an anything thats really juicy,, and sour.

Dum-Dum's! (be careful with the lollipop stick afterwards, you might start chewing on it hardcore)

Rub ur fingers through anything fuzzy, or soft.

Put on a fleece sweater,, make sure its on ur naked body, when you take it off..ur hair will be all staticy awesome

Rub ur hair against a telivesion right after you turn it off, it'll get staticy also.


Go on a bikeride, or something like that. It's awesome because of the exercise.

Sit on the floor with ur knees against your chest and wrap ur arms around ur legs. Have someone come up and give you a monserous hug from behind. Just have them squeeze the FUCK outta you, and lift you up if they can.

GREATEST FEELING - Rub cold or warm water on your body and stand infront of a fan, amazing.

Eat a strawberry extremely slowly, and little by little, licking the juices << fucking amazing.

Have someone blow into your eyes through a straw while you are holding them open, also all over your face.

Slinky - go to walgreens or a toy store and get a plastic rainbow slinky. Turn on a black light and hold the slinky up to one eye, close the other. Have a friend hold the slinky straight up, and spin and twirl it...lots-o-fun

Sit alone in a bathroom or closet, with the lights off...start to whisper to yourself,, you will hear your voice echo through the room < sounds scary but is fucking awesome

Lay face down on the floor and have someoen with long hair run it all around your back.

Have someone blow hot air on the back of ur neck.

Move a wet washrag around your face..dont make it too wet.

Use a feather duster on someones back, or on your own tummy.

Go to a grocery or toy store, walk up and down the isles and u'll find your own little "things" that you can play with, or buy.

Go into an automatic car wash (in a car of course)...sit back and enjoy the show


Play on the swings at a park at 2 am.

Molotov Cocktails - DO NOT ATTEMP IF YOU ARE ROLLLING, have a non rolling friend to make it and throw it, the sound of the glass bottle breaking echoes through ur head the whole time ur watching the fire...and its a huge fire!! ((go to random shit for instructions to make one, TRUST ME,CHANCES ARE YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO MAKE ONE probably need to read these instructions))

Play with ice in your mouth...also cool to kiss someone w/ ice in ur mouth.

Heres a weird one..i havent done this, but knowiing what it feels like to be rolling makes it seem pretty cool...blow a fan on ur balls (or pussy, i would guess lol), Okay for everyone who doesnt know what its like to roll, and is reading this thinking "what fucking idiot would do that?", trust me this sounds awesome.

This Website Was Made By Justin Burke...send me any any other trips you want me to add here (email)